Monday, 19 April 2010

Hello Everyone! I was wanting to know if I could ask a BIG favour? Could you all VOTE MY ALBUM? I have worked so hard on the may issue and wanted to share it with the hole of stardoll and accomplish my dream and get it in the stardoll magazine!

So if you are willing to help,
CLICK HERE to go to my album,
and rate (please?) 5/5 x

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hot Buy's shoes are out!

Yep, It's that time again! The HB shoes are out! You can buy them in Bisou for only 7 stardollar's! As it say's in the title , they have a Floral Print and are High platform's (I think). So will you be buying them? Also, a big WELCOME to Nick and hope he has a good time here!

Target Loves Stardoll?

a picture speak's one thousand word's. are you getting one? i saw this on an add.

i find it really straight and puffy and cheesy how it says 'baby'.
sound's so perverted and sick.

Let's Make A Sandwhich;

HELLO. I'm Nick! I Live In A Bin Clearly Girl...
I've Never Wrote For A Blog Before, And I Had To Make A Crappy Stardoll Account Just So That I Had A One To Put On My Banner ^_^

I'mma 69 Year Old Girl Who Is A Virgin Who Turn's Into A Umberella!
Just Kiddin' Even Though You're Problies To Busy Raving Blasting Ya' N-DUBZ Hew To Listen To Me Dx Gis A Chance Hew Ya Chav.


I'm Nick.
I'm 14.
I'm Come From America.
I'm Moved The UK.
I'm Thinking It's A Bag Of Doggy Shit.
I'm Gay.
I'm Living With My Dad.
I'm Never Met My Mom.
I'm Positive Mom Died.
I'm Not Sure.
I'm A Computer Addict.
I'm Always Taking The Piss Out Of Everyone And Everything.
I'm In Love With Alan Carr And Perez Hilton.
I'm Stopping This Now, My Finger's Are Starting To Ache.

So, Since I Don't Really Have A Real Account On Stardoll, I Won't Go On It, So Nutter's Has Agreed To Let Me Do The Real Life Post's. So You Have A Great Time. Good Time's.


You Die -|- <-- That's Ment To Be A Cross! ¬_¬ Shut Up You Umpa-Lumpa.

THANK YOU, To Nutter's Also For Trusting Me With Her Account <3<3

what a suprise beck ;D

Nick saw the last post- Nick has been hired onto write for the blog. i trust him with my login detail's for blogger, and i know he can post amazing thing's! i'm sure you'l all love nick as much as i do myself (:

Shout out's & stuff;

shout out's:

i'd like to say thank's to all the writer's these past.. 2 week'ish. they've posted more than ever, and you're post's are fabulous. reminder: use real words not shortened words, and don't put kisse's in titles. thank you. (:

thank you to
nick. he's been a little gem. he's helped me with colour scheme's, slogans, nicknames, idea's, etc. i love you nick, you've helped me lot's even though you're not even a member of stardoll. you REALLY should write for this blog. you can cover the real life stuff! :D just an idea ^_^

i think it's been like a
year since the amazing writier pink.bubble.123 left almost, so happy anniversery. she's not writing for any other blog atm. and i think she's the same as me; not visiting stardoll so much now'a'days.

trying to get more follower's but it's a really hard job when you're not a stinky elite ¬__¬

you have
18 day's left to vote on the poll in the sidebar --->

please if you read the blog, or you want to correct us, or give us new's please COMMENT.
we haven't had comment's for,
well since i started with the blog. please comment, and follow and stuff. y'know. i work hard here, and i wish for the follower's to comment!

i will give you a gift if you comment!
make sure you leave you're
stardoll username in the comment!!

all for today.
goodbye. from. the. team.

hello followers (:

i've never shown my self before on stardoll or the blog, so here's a side view. just because i never know who could look at this.. i do take a lot of photo's to be honest;
and this one has just been took, like, 10' minutes ago. and i haven't even got dressed yet. im to lazy.

and i love this necklace by the way. i'l try and answer any question's before i get them inboxed to me.
where'd you get the necklace?: tammy. 5$
what's you're haircut?: i just backcomb it and use lots of hairsprary. i got a sweeping side fringe, and very very very short they are like, spikey at the top.
why are you so white?: i'm just white. i don't tan. and i hate fake bake. yuck.

so, any more questions, either comment or message/gb me then on stardoll. blah blah blah..
so, toodle doo.
if' you'd like to share you're photo or whatever, then feel free to! :)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hotbuy Swimsuit & Blaaah.

A new hotbuy is out in the starplaza, it was released today and matche's perfect with the puffy black and white print skirt which is also in the 'new' section. (it is today anyway.)
I didn't buy it because i don't dress my medoll in swimsuit's, sorry. i find it a'bit like, tarty dressing a virtual doll on a young girl's website in body suit's, unless like, you're going to a party where the dress code is summer, or holidays, or beach etc.

the price is just a typical stardoll price of $8 stardollar's; yeah, i suppose it's a 'hotbuy' not around for long. so, yeah it's kind of agree'able. But if i did price it myself, i would of priced it at $6 stardollar's.

i also would like to suggest to stardoll they start making at least 4/10 hotbuys each month for non-superstar's, it's like back in the olden day's where they classed people.

'high class'.. you can have everything
'low class/slums' (nonsuperstars) 'oh, you get nowt! because you won't pay our website! so why should we give you any good or nice stuff on the website if you're not givin' us money!"

yeah, bit greedy? :P

ENJOY you're hotbuy! :D
go make some class outfit's now.

Friday, 9 April 2010


SUITSHOP SALE! What do you think? Are u gonna buy anything?

Just spreading the love (:

thank's to yasmeen for the new amazing kristen-stewart like doll. >.<
love ya :*

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Hey everyone! Since Kortni (nutters) decided to show her phratography , I thought I would show mine! ( if its all right with you ). Tell me what you think!

Photography work;

i'm all into art and photography now; so i did some drawings of anime/manga/gaga/people etc. they came out really good for me, and i've covered my bedroom wall in them.
(i have 4 walls in my room. that's 2 covered now; one with music posters and this one with my drawing's and my photography, i better not cover anymore xD)

so i thought i'd share some of the many peice's of photography i did with you guys;
even though it doesn't relate to stardoll, but hey ho stardoll's shit today.

  • the geek glasses and my headphones was the first ever photog. i did.
  • the 'i love you'; i drew this with a stone on my pavement outside.
  • the bag; is the beautiful bag i got for easter. i had to take a picture, so i made it into some canny little photography and edited it so it look's more professinal.
  • the one of me outside the red garage looked pretty.
  • the perfume bottle. cream. headphones, was just natural, stilll life shit so i edited it, and it's kinda good.
  • the staionarey looked kinda cool when i sharped it.
  • the brown and creamish one is my friend 'summer' i took this in the garden. it looks like a modelling photo and it's oh'so'natural' so i liked that. canny photo.
  • last but not least. the one of meerr, this just looked like photography, and it was a natural photo.
i hope you like them. i might share some more soon; x

-sorry this post is a complete mess with pic's.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy easter from everybody at stardoll-catch-up. I hope you get some good present's!
i have recieved: i-pod touch, a new bag i wanted, eggs, money, and clothe's :)

which i know is faaaaaaaar to much for easter. especially considering i pod touch's are like 180£ - 200$ .. so, yeah. let's say i got very lucky this easter.

what did you get?
or, what do you expect or want? (:
happy easter! :)

dig into you're chocolate!

Hotbuys dress and shoes

Today HB Dress was realesed,it's 13 stardollars.
Which is a bit much :(
I personally don't like the dress
....Just don't.
Also HB shoes were realeased :)
I like them :)
There only 7$
what do you think?