Saturday, 31 October 2009


Includes a pose, and a edit of the hair.. this was made my Sanderenceto-
its Mel (bluegreen86)
as you can see, the hair has been coustom made and posed :)
Great work.. great graphics.

Free Moxie Girl's SkateBoard!

1.Go to
2.Type in:
3.Log in
4.Wait a few seconds
5.Log out
Then you have a free Moxie Girl's SkateBoard!

Free Littlest Pet ! x

Hey Everyone ! The Lil Pet's are back ! Lot's of people have received this Lil pet free, But If you haven't like me, Click hear to go to starplazer and see all the Lil pet's, but they all aren't Free! I wish they were x What do you think? Nicole xox

The New Writer ...

Hello everyone ! It's Nicole hear , 44nicole44 and im the new Writer at this wonderful blog ! Im very happy I can join all the other wonderful writers at this blog , and make it amazing ! Some facts about me - Im 12 , I have a blog called - x I love being creative and this basicly it ! Hope you will enjoy my post's ! And please click hear and join this amazing school ! xox Nicole .

Friday, 30 October 2009

Bubbiosity- Month #1

This is the first month of our new project 'Bubbiosity' This month, the celeb that is part of it is ... Amy diamond, i chose her, because shes big on stardoll right now, she is a real celeb, and her new albums out. Also, her doll has awsome clothes.
Bubbiosity basically, in the easiest way to put it is... to do with comps, special posts, guests... etc.
pink.bubble.123 (yasmeen) has the credit, of making this great graphic for it below...

Follow us, or comment.. tell us your thoughts on the project.. and what you think we should do to make it exiting!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Yasi'sGraphics #1

This is the first amazing graphic by yasmeen :) Some good poses there, great "homemade" dress.. :) Great copying, layering, and design!
I really loved this one when she showed it too me...i had to share it with you ..
Well Done Yasmeen!
Pink.bubble.123 (stardoll...visit her)

Pink.Bubble.123 Graphic

My dear, dear, dear best friend Yasmeen (Pink.bubble.123 on stardoll)
Is a great graphics maker. She makes all the banners on this blog..and helps me with stuff a lot!
Shes great at graphics basically. (She Is A Ex-Stardoll-catch-up writer) I wish she would be one again, she rocked at it!
i was thinking,
since she is to busy with school to run her own blog for her graphics, or write her-
i said
Everytime she makes a new graphic- She can send it to me VIA.Email.
I Will Then Post it onto THIS Blog ... Advertising it.. and showing it off :)
Just an idea, tell me what you think?
She makes
She Sends
I post
I Share
Shes happy..maybe
im happy....defo

Desbrate For A New Writer

I have been wanting a new writer for a while. I really need one guys! Im practicly begging.
but you still have to have the requirements:
Good Writing.
Must Post At Least 2 or 3 times each week.

If you can not get or make a good banner like the writers we have now, i can get you one made, ( a good photoshop type banner one)
I was thinking of 44Nicole44 Because, she always takes part in the blog, shes a follower on this and the stardoll school. She has a blog already, where i can see how she writes.
if anyone else wants to try out. Comment with your username OR Send me a guestbook message on stardoll.
Thank you!

Vermeer Mortals (New Theme)

Stardolls new theme, after halloween theme, is Vermeer Mortals. Not sure what the heck thats ment to mean, but okay..!
Its a old fashioned type theme, its got jewel, garden, .. old fashioned type colours in it.
I dont like any of the stuff in it, personally.
Im not a old fashioned, troditional type styled girl.
This brand is VERY troditional.
Its Got the normal, varied prices for the bigger and smaller items. Its fair pay now.
The description:
"The golden light, rich colour palette, and subtle detail" (Brief)
Click the image to enlarge and read yourself.

Joint Efforts

I wanted a new banner, basically to match the blog. Because sam and sarah's already match, really.

So, join efforts on this one:
I did the background and the text
sandra (sanderenceto) did the pose and the doll onto the background

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Review On The Latest Stardoll Buzzes

  • Halloween Fashion Prices Are "Baby LE"
The prices of halloween costumes on stardoll, are just un called for really. One dress, is a whopping 50 stardollars, i wouldn't say it was idsacly worth...
paying 50 whole stardollars for one dress, which you wear for one night!
Even stuff that's small- Is Like 30 star dollars, that's out of control.
Blog's are calling it "Baby LE" ... "We Hope to see our old Tingling back!"
hopefully if it does come back.. the prices will go back to normal, instead of paranormal!

  • We want our 1 star dollar a day back! "Selfish star doll"
Every member is unhappy with stardolls desicon to scrap the whole 1 stardollar a day scheme.
Nobody expected it.. it came like Hurricane Katrina! Out of the blue, by surprise. I dint notice it my self, but when i actually took note- i then did.
This is problies because we now have Play and earn
BUT... My dear little chubby bunny's...
did you notice- when play and earn came out it said "limited time only" ?
So, does this mean- the 1 stardollar a day has stopped, then eventaully play and earn will stop?
That's selfish star doll for ya! Its greedy enough to begin with! Money grabbers!

Bubbiosity- Coming Soon

Coming Sooner Than You Think.. Muhaha
This is not something you know of...
its something you dream of..

The Stardoll School

Ok. So i started a new project/blog type thing. Its called the stardoll school. Im advertising it here.
If you could please also advertise it in your blogs, if you have one- that would help a lot!
Click HERE to go to the website for "the stardoll school"
Its not like a actual school.
there is a uniform- but nothing you have to buy.
You do get actual Projects to do
theres a twist
projects will be things like:
best dressed

Its really exiting! You can win massive prizes such as codes if you join stardoll school!
to be a student you just need to click HERE to go to the student joining post- and Read it!
when you have read it- follow the instructions the post gave you.
And, when you done them, your an offical student!
you dont have to follow to be a student- but it would be a big , big, huge, massive help for me and the other students! thanks.

You can then read the rest of the posts. And get started with "the stardoll school"
once i have 20 students or more. fashion and design lessons and projects/work will begin. (thats the fun part!)

So Please join the stardoll school! All the links needed are above. And all information is on the offical blog.

Please advertise it on your blogs :D comment if you do, or send me a message on stardoll if you do.
nickname is: nutters

if you advertise it on your blog- PLEASE use this image to advertise with!
advertise it on your sidebar OR in a post... Please, and thank you!

I want to be in sucsess with this project/blog- the only way that can happen is with YOUR help.
and YOU can join now!

Hotbuy Skirt

This is a end of october hotbuy. Its a skirt, from Bisou.
its for girls, and its a bit expensive price of 9 stardollars!
(i would of posted earlier, but blogger was being a total Fish!)
Do you like this skirt? i not a fan of brown or long Skirts....never have and not now.
for some reason, i dont think many members will buy this item, it doesnt seem very trendy or fashionable it doesnt have that.. that, "spark" of popularity like some hotbuys do.
i cant explain, nvm xD

Monday, 26 October 2009

The New Stardoll Buzz!

this blog is the new buzz!
Click HERE to go to the blog
when you go to the blog FOLLOW IT!
when you follow, read the things to do:
send them a message
and they send it to stardoll via."contact us"
Nobody is happy with stardolls selfishness!
So click here now to go to the blog
let the battle

Saturday, 24 October 2009

New Banner (:

Thanks to yaso for another pretty banner :)
Good Work!

Friday, 23 October 2009

The Real Deal

Above and above, you can see some real life dresses from the Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 & The Stardoll Versions Next To Them.

Yawn- That Day, This Day, Them Days

Life is so boring on stardoll lately. no bitchy fights happening, no big 'users' leaving...blah!
normally when a popualur user says "Im sick im leaving" everyone sucks up to them.
then, you go back to their profile to see Last seen: 12 hours ago. Im Like "What the fuck get a life. if your leaving leave. dont just hover . scheme and blackmail your 'fans'!

Another thing; am i the only person out of 345837 that has realised... Tylers top trends has gone 'private' and only 'invited peolple' can read it?
its been private a while, and i haven't seen any news or gossip on ANY blogs, at all.
So, did i miss somfin?
Why did he make it private?

Oh and yeah. im asking my bffl' yasmeen to make me a new banner. I dont like my doll on here anymore. my styles 'chagned' that should be done... in about 5 days :D

Tell me some gossip to post about!!

Hotbuy Purse

ANOTHER hotbuy post. I refused to post about the last hotbuy, and the new ones. I went on a hotbuy strike. hmm, do i bore you? good.
Anyway, Its a louis v bag, in real life, or whatever that stupid brand is.
stardoll always copy other people.
why dont they make there own stuff?
its a expensive hotbuy at 10 stardollars, pretty pricey :P
Dunno what shop its from, haven't looked yet.. uh.
Its for superstars only. And DUH! its obviosily for females.
Not that you really needed to know that.
Will you buy this craptaculaur pricey item?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

November Hotbuys!

These are the beautiful hotbuys all ready for november. stardoll are really improoving grahpic and style wise with their hotbuys.
theres the ugly and the pretty and the oh la la's of next months hotbuys.

what's your favourite item?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Its A Internet Life

Its A Internet Life

This will be my first story published on the blog.. coming later today-
[I need to get the images] So, keep waiting, chapter one should be good!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Hotbuy Necklace

I think this item is really cute! its a great hotbuy. its a suitable price for stardoll... LOL
Its from fudge, and for all you fabulous females out there!

Will you be buying it?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Topshop Hotbuy Top

This is the new hotbuy top- Inspired by topshop (like every other hotbuy)

  • Colour- Brown/lighter brown
  • Shop- Bisou
  • Price- 7 Stardollars
  • Sex- Female
  • Genre- Superstar

    Like i said im sick of posting about new hotbuys... it was the last post on the blog before this?
    "new Hotbuy Dress"

Monday, 12 October 2009

Hotbuy Dress

Blah, Blah, Blah-
Another Hotbuy, Another Day... To Be Honest, Im Sick Of Posting About New Frikin Hotbuys.

  • Shop-Rio
  • Price- 15 [Selfish Buggers]
  • Superstar Only
  • Sex- Female

    • There you go, Thats the new hotbuy Dress, I think Its Alexandra Mqueen Or Somit Like That Shite.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Stardoll Mam- My First Stardoll Graphic!

This is my first EVER real stardoll graphic. I ONLY use paint, nothing else. It Was really hard!
Plus i have a laptop, and the mouse pad, is hard to cut and draw with!

I tried ever so hard, with the worst programme ever- paint
what do you think?

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Whats Your Perfect Polyvore Style?


Okay, this is the fourth "Whats your style" And Its My Turn Again. I Decided to Do More, And totally Diffrent Ones This Time Round. So Comment, Or Think To Your Self 'Whats My Real Style?'

It's A Story Life

right whats the deal with the social? Storys. Okay, i used to have a special blog for just stories, based on stardoll people, and used stardoll pictures. it was not as big as this blog. So, i want to start doing it here instead. i have 2 blogs, this one and
thats like, my life blog- totally diffrent from this one, give it a try, why not, follow it, maybe, thx?
okay, its not a poll. its a fact. i will be starting new stuff here. that is good, and improoved.

The Stardoll Life & Yours 3

Hello people- I'm sure, everyone unless your dead, has heard of these things called 'Shag bands'
They are banned, in schools. (Well, all the schools i know of, they are) That's basically, Because there rude and crude. But a massive fad for teens and kids! every colour, has a different meaning.
there are normal colours. Illumines colours, and Last of all: Sparkly Colours!
Kort, i bought her some: she has 11 altogether. the normal colours. And now, shes collecting.
here are the choices of shag bands:

They have been banned in schools. After grown ups finally figured what they really were. not just rubber crap, after all. But, its just one of them fad's that will come... and slowly, disappear !

have YOU got them?