Friday, 23 October 2009

Yawn- That Day, This Day, Them Days

Life is so boring on stardoll lately. no bitchy fights happening, no big 'users' leaving...blah!
normally when a popualur user says "Im sick im leaving" everyone sucks up to them.
then, you go back to their profile to see Last seen: 12 hours ago. Im Like "What the fuck get a life. if your leaving leave. dont just hover . scheme and blackmail your 'fans'!

Another thing; am i the only person out of 345837 that has realised... Tylers top trends has gone 'private' and only 'invited peolple' can read it?
its been private a while, and i haven't seen any news or gossip on ANY blogs, at all.
So, did i miss somfin?
Why did he make it private?

Oh and yeah. im asking my bffl' yasmeen to make me a new banner. I dont like my doll on here anymore. my styles 'chagned' that should be done... in about 5 days :D

Tell me some gossip to post about!!