How To Contact

If you want to contact the owner, or any of the writer's, for questions, comps, audtions, etc.
You can find everything right here on the contact page!

Contact the owner VIA. EMAIL.

Contact the ownver VIA STARDOLL
click HERE

If you want to talk to any writers: samdreamer, or 44nicole44

Just search on stardoll for

They will all be willing to keep you happy & answer any question's you may have! Keep them stardoll related ;) other questions will be ignored.
EG: "how old are you"

If you would like to write/guest blog on the blog, please contact the owner, not the writer's.
Comps. contact the owner.
questions? anybody can help!

we hope you love the blog
never hesitate to ask!
we are always wanting to make it better and take on new writers! :)