Wednesday, 27 January 2010

February Hotbuys; 10

1.Hotbuys Sweatshirt - 4th Feb
2.Hotbuys Shirt - 8th Feb
3.Hotbuys Shoes - 10th Feb.
4.Hotuys Dress - 11th Feb.
5.Hotbuys Bag - 12th Feb.
6.Hotbuys Brooch - 14th Feb.
7.Hotbuys Jeans - 16th Feb.
8.Hotbuys Top - 18th Feb.
9.Hotbuys Jacket - 24th Feb.
10.Hotbuys Hairbrooch - 28th Feb.

So, what's your favourite? Im liking the; two dresses, jacket, bag
problies like 8/10 things., wow, that's a lot..

for me >.<
Stardoll really are bucking up their ideas lately, first hair, now amazing hotbuys! :)
i hate you so much stardoll, but at times i wanna kiss your butt..
not really,
that would be a bit..

I Find It So Amazingly Cute But Smexy;

Is it just me that find's this, picture so very very cute, but so very very smexy?
My rating would have to be 5/5, not only is it cute and smexy; but it has the two best people in the world in it ;)
and by the looks of it, i have the dress that kristen is wearing, i bought it in 2009-, my nana got me it for some party ... hmmm, might investigate further, to see where its from to see if its the idsact same dress.. but the top looks the same! :)

Two day's until my birthday; comment's, and followers are greatly accepted as a gift from you all, :L

The Mysterious Hairs Have Been Released For Superstar's Only;

All the blogs have been blabbering about the myterious ad's on stardoll for hair.
they have ALL been realsed.
(my medoll is wearing 1 of them on my banner)
i just had to have a new banner with my new hair, i love it so much! im glad im a superstar so i can have the joy's of having such wonderfull smexxyy hair ;)

Sorry but; non superstars; get a life there, your really missing out! :D

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Im Called Ga'r'Ga'r'

Since the first three letters of my second name are GAR;
im now called Lady GarGar ' how cool is that? I even have lady sov. glasse's to jump with it ;)

Typical Tut Tut*

Typical that miley always finds a way to make such an ugly dress, look so beautiful; ..
She show's morning hair looks quite sexy too ;)

My feelings for a picture are deep, real deep;

If i could use that anyware, it would be my heart; i really adore this picture. Im totally botting it ;D it's so, huggy xD
Im loving the colours, the font the picture, every little pixel just makes it so perfect!

i want a big version of this on my bedroom wall, it matche's, right? ^'_'^

Monday, 18 January 2010

Sorry everyone , I just had to try something x

Summer banner !

Hey everyone ! What do you think of the AMAZING banner Nutter's made for me ? I LOVE it !
Thank you , Nicole x

Is it Just Me?

Am i the only one that admire's this picture so much?

im so amazed at how a black pen drew such pink hearts :O
whatever i still love it :)

I might draw it, and go take it to my art teacher and say
"Heres my homework for the; inspired images project"

because we find a picture by an artist with a pattern and copy it, well this is a pattern, and i can copy it..
i wonder if using a black biro to draw them pink would work for meh to?

The Missing Exclamation Mark's?

Yes, face it; its been a pretty long time since i posted here,

1. the blog closed for a break anyway
2. i didnt have time when it did open to post right away

but hey im back now, at least im still alive :)
remember, a smile costs nothing but gives much!

i should be posting a lot more since we can talk about the outside world, not just boring old stardoll.. which speaking of, i have not been on in a VERY long time xD

i must log on, and hunt down gossip :D
ta ta x

PS. sorry that i dont have a banner that macthe's nutters and 44nicole44's, its cause i cant make good banners like nutters can, so i will just have to have a blue one.

at least the blue still matche's xDD

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Summer Sing A Long

Here's a song, put some shades, and sing it in the mirror!

It's Summer Time At Stardoll Catch Up!

"Get your sunglasses and hit the beach, cause its fun fun fun in the sun at; stardoll catch up!"

Yes, get down with the stardoll-catch-up team as we brighten up our freezing snowing past winter with some fun in the sun!
The blog has had a bright makeover, and it's time to hit the pool..


Mix Pod

So i put new tunes on the blog, just though i would say; i tried to put 1 song on for each kind of personalityed/clique person. Rock, pop, rave, indie, etc. so, hopefully your type should be there somewhere :) here is a list of the songs on the playlist; (click menu on the i-pod to see the songs)

1. Supermassive black hole; muse .. (rock, music from twilight)
2. Happy; Leona lewis ... (roamance, pop, slow)
3. Replay; Iyaz.. (Rave, chav, R&B)
4. Big city dreams; Never shout never (rock, indie, pop)
5. Bad romace; Lady Gaga (Pop, R&B)
6. Stranger; Hillary duff (pop, slow)
7. use somebody; Kings of leon.. (boys, rock, pop, R&B,)

So, 7 song's to choose from. I Like all of them except replay (i hate that, but i had to have it for you chav, living ravers xD)

Buh Bye :))

New Look, New Plan

i want the blog to be bright and colourfull, so all writers must use a banner with there medoll on it, (scrap the newest ones with just names and text and blah)
i put new tunes on the blog new colours etc.

i will post more,
but expect a lot from reality.

Lurv kortni (:

Saturday, 2 January 2010

My Gorgy Angel!

My Dog :)

Friday, 1 January 2010

The Time Has Come...

'Another year has passed by, are you forgiving all your lies?'

So, are you planning on pronouncing it "Twenty ten" or "two thousand and ten"? We have a choice this year (: Think i will be diffrent from every other year and say twenty ten, it's shorter-

Last night i stayed up till Midnight, and watched the countdown on the london eye.. then the amazing fireworks display after big ben struck midnight.. 2010 (:

my resaluton is to stop biting my finger nails, cause' its been a bad habbit of mine for 3 year :(

so, basically what im saying is...


from all the staff at stardol catch up ;)
A new year, maybe a new you?