Wednesday, 27 January 2010

February Hotbuys; 10

1.Hotbuys Sweatshirt - 4th Feb
2.Hotbuys Shirt - 8th Feb
3.Hotbuys Shoes - 10th Feb.
4.Hotuys Dress - 11th Feb.
5.Hotbuys Bag - 12th Feb.
6.Hotbuys Brooch - 14th Feb.
7.Hotbuys Jeans - 16th Feb.
8.Hotbuys Top - 18th Feb.
9.Hotbuys Jacket - 24th Feb.
10.Hotbuys Hairbrooch - 28th Feb.

So, what's your favourite? Im liking the; two dresses, jacket, bag
problies like 8/10 things., wow, that's a lot..

for me >.<
Stardoll really are bucking up their ideas lately, first hair, now amazing hotbuys! :)
i hate you so much stardoll, but at times i wanna kiss your butt..
not really,
that would be a bit..


Anonymous said...

Thank you :) check out this emo boy one on this blog: