Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Crack

Thanks to abbie i have nothing to post about ;) Well, it save's me a job. But i thought i should at least i am checking the blog- and show up and post something.

Well i said something, i didnt say stardoll ;D

Sparkle Awards

Well yesterday was the Sparkle Awards :)
Jenna had the lil'party in the chatbox.and it kind of went out of control :D
But over all the awards were really good,here's the winners :)

Best Female Medoll-Avril14140
Best Style Icon-N1mka4eva
Best Male Medoll--CoolDude
Best Suite-SakuraDream
Best Album-Twins18
Best Scenery-Mooooon
Best Designer-Joanne1305
Best Graphic Artist-John2_el_Major
Best Stardoll Persona-writemarycat

And Now.....Drumroll Please!....The Sparkle Award goes to....


Click Here to go to Stardolls Most Wanted to check the voting :)

Saturday, 27 February 2010

McQueen Doll

Stardoll has released a new McQueen Doll,I'm really excited because I personally love <3<3 McQueen.
Altough Stardoll did'nt create many dresses and used old ones I still love it!

What do you think?

Friday, 26 February 2010

Clifhanger On Eternity

This is the amazing new eternity cover.
One page per- day will be released.
So sadly, a slow release.
I hate it, because i want to see if the rest of the magazine
is as amazing as the front cover!

I love the theme & the graphics.
Problies my favourite stardoll magazine cover in every magazine i have seen on stardoll.

Im mostly loving the bow in the cover girl's hair.

what do you think?
is releasing each page 1 at a time 1 day.. a good idea?
it keep's us on a hype . but its very annoying.

Wedding Dress Fettish- Blurgh Dress.

i hate wearing dresse's... i have been forced to wear a dress for a wedding though :/

Im going to a wedding; and this was a dress that i bought.
i just loved it so much that i had to share it on the blog.
and it matches with my chalk white skin :')

I really liked it. It was 30$ from tammy.
not very cheap, but i quite fetti'ed over it.
my nana bought me it; as she buy's me everything i want!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

March Hotbuys

First I'd just like to say thanks to Nutters for the big intro ;)

I'm Abbie and I'm going to be the "New" writer for this blog,you'll see plenty more posts from me!,but for my first post I would like to introduce you to the NEW! Hotbuys.....

Everybody's probally already seen them,but there was NO other news :P
This month it's 11 hotbuys!
I don't "LOVE" anything but some items stand out!
I wish the tatoos went on sale :(


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Please, give a warm welcome to our new writer;

I found a new writer; it's a miracle consdiering how lazy i really , really am.


Is our new writer! so please welcome abbie with a lovely warm welcome and read her post's.
Im sure the rest of the stardoll catch up team will appreciate her efforts in the blog.
Im looking forward to reading how she post's & what she can post on.
We are just waiting for her to confirm her invite & she will be posting away. So, im very excited!

Long time no type.

Sorry it's been so long since i posted. I haven't been on stardoll for like 4 month.
i have still been checking the blog though & talking to nutters. I just happened to have a lot of trouble.. (like alway's with my family & life & friends)

First, the i-mac started going weird. So, y' know we had to take it away to be repaired. that took 3 week's.
Then, it was working fine. But when it came to remembering passwords (since everything had been wiped off).. well i could not remember any password's.
So, now nutters is letting me use her blogger account, since i can't remember any of my password's. Luckily i had stardoll's wrote down. But stardoll is boring (as everyone say's..)
So, im back now and shall be posting a lot more often.
i have not said welcome to the new writers yet. so;

welcome 44nicole44-
welcome new writer
... (nutters will reveal later who the new writer is..)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Nothing to do with Stardoll- But it made me laugh.

I must agree.
I'm on team adult about 'gaygaygay glee' being played on the radio.
it's wrong.
Glee fail's ¬¬

You're Presentation Fail's.

I was looking at freaky people's stardoll's. But when i saw this girl's presentation- i just could'nt stop laughing... please read it.
she is sad.
It' fail's.
And it's Lulzzy >.<

so first off. She admire's chris brown- he's cute.
something got dist.
she like's booty rotation ;)
she like's to talk about periods' on stardoll..

she is a bit- coo- coo if you ask me! :D

This part made me laugh even more!
talking about

She has a pet rock! xD

ughh.. if i find another presentation that's funny- or funnier i will post it xD

Saturday, 20 February 2010

You Can't Beat A Guy Dressed As A Fairy ;D

Im at the Urban release party.
I already picked the best dressed.

c'mon you cant beat a guy in a fairy costume xD
Classic xD

I Love talking to random stranger's (stardoll party's)
Mmmhmm :D

Friday, 19 February 2010

Want A Ride?

Do YOU want a RIDE?
If so head on along to the Starplaza ,
and Hit yourself a BRAND NEW Bike!
Is This another thing like the DKNY bike?
Well , Its only 10 stardollars , but superstar,
What do you think?
Any takers?

Naked Graphic VIA.Paint.

I made this all on Paint.
very hard.
I laughed at it.

Stardoll Circus;

we are watching out for you...
don't get caugh out by the..

stardoll circus

A new project exclusive to stardoll-catch-up
Cat fights, party night's and exclusive right's.
what's going on; elites & hack's... story's that change,
if you're a boy or girl.
myspace or url.

Watch out;
you don't want to be caught..

or you'l be taken back to..

Stardoll circus.

Last Chance!

This is your last week to buy from the Stuff By Hillary Duff store! I was never a fan of that store.
i think only bought the cream and black spotty top on the left. And the pink and silver vest on the right;

If you're a superstar it's a chance to get 50% off.
apparantly their collectibles' so think on they might be worth something in 2011 , 2o12? (that's if the world hasn't ended in 2012)

So, if you're a fan of Hillary or you have a sweet tooth for girly; child clothe's get down to the starplaza now!

New writer needed?

So, since im starting fresh; new banner new layout.
i need a new writer.

please comment or go to my guestbook by clicking here
leave you're name- and if you have any experience..


  • Be able to print screen
  • you musn't talk like this: hii x yh x kk xoxo lol x and use shortened phrase's
  • Post at a minimum of 4 time's a week.

    • That's all the requirements/rule's.
      so, go to my guestbook now (click here) and tell me why & if you would be a writer!


Finally. A Decent photoshop banner! Thank's yasmeen.
Just remember the alexander mcqueen death by Gaga story ;)

So; yes.
that's yasmeen's wonderfull work wrt. ;)
posed; coustom hair; background.. weww .. it's hat.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

New Banner x

Hey Everyone! Since , Nutters is getting a New banner , I thought I would make myself one to!

What do you think?
Nicole x


This is just a "meanwhile" temporarey banner..
im asking my graphic great friend to make me a photoshop one.

This really fail's;
oh the joy's of paint! -.-

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Marc Jacobs Dress...

But Lady Gaga rock's it more than stardoll ever will!

Mosky Magazine Return

Mosky Magazine IS Returning!.... If you Click Here , This is where it will be relesed! So , what do you think? Comment! Nicole x

Stardoll Wears PRADA!

(Sorry for not posting much) Their is a NEW blog on the block! 'Stardoll Wears Prada'. I think this will be quite a interesting blog! I love the shoe!Click here to follow the blog! What do you think? Nicole x

The Other Writer's Must Of Died?

after all the post's that are un-stardoll related; i thought i better do some stardoll work.
Yes, so you might be thinking "why is kortni/nutters the only one that write's on this blog when theres 3 other writers?"

To be honest; i dont know.
it's either i post to much (which i problies dont)
or they dont post at all..
which is the most likely case ;)

but anyway i enjoy doing it.
sam, sarah & nicole..
SHOULD post soon?

(this still wasn't stardoll realted... i fail ¬¬ )

Lady Gaga Ft. Alexander Mcqueen New Song 2010 - DISCO

Click the link above or copy and paste it to check out her new song ;)
Featuring Alexander.Mcqueen

Like her new song ;) ?

Alexander Mcqueen & Lady Gaga & The Rape-able Statue ;)

Im quite aware this is a bit late but; i didn't really feel for him until Lady GaGa was at the Brit's last night; grabbing 3 Brit awards! the most of everybody there :O on the stage next to her wonderfull performence; was this statue;

she is wearing those ^ famous alexander mcqueen shoes ;)
i really want to rape this statue.

god help whoever made it. I loved it! the shoe's are amazing; and so is this statue.
mcqueen & well done gaga ;)
on and well done to the statue making Guy :D

And the performence that Lady gaga did on the brit awards last night (2010)
she said
"this is in memorey for alexander mcqueen"
then everyone gave a huge cheer!

The performence was great; and once again she was "Un"dressed

like a


if you go on youtube and type in "lady gaga at the brits 2010" there should be video's of her performence & you can see the statue, what she said about alex. & the collecting of her THREE award's!

That twas' her amazing performence at the brit's.
before winning all of her awards
(and of course you see the amazing statue and the mcqueen shoes ;))

Sunday, 14 February 2010

stardoll fail's to keep this blog alive...

Saturday, 13 February 2010

I Just Lol'd

Summer Died Today;

The summer theme; (month) on stardoll-catch-up died today >.<
so, back to a normal stardoll-blog...

valentines day tommorow!
anyone in your'e mind? do you have that special someone?


She look's very comfy like that ... i it twas' me ;)

Sunday, 7 February 2010


The Nameless Award's

Are you ready?

Friday, 5 February 2010