Friday, 18 June 2010

new stardoll?

The spoliers and behind stardoll show the spoiler for the new layout of stardoll!
i knew it would change.

there has been sooooooooooooo much new stuff, stores, rooms, etc.
they have done and updated everything but the layout,
so that had to come.

they've had the same layout since like, the end of 09'
so, it's pretty cool to be getting a new one. (YYY)

i've got back into stardoll since all this new stuff is out,
it was just bored'em ^_^

Luxe Make-Up.

The brand new make up range on stardoll is out now!
i LOVE it.
but i HATE the prices.
i bought the 24$ lipgloss and a 20$ blusher.
so JUST TWO items can cost up to 44$ or 48$

that's A LOT to pay for make up.
but it looks absouloutely AWSOME.

they sell lipsticks, lipgloss and eyeshadows.
i recommend the 24 stardollar lipgloss, YES It's price, but it's summer time, it's the weekend, SPLASH OUT, it looks beautiful! <3

Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Miss Sixty Collection; It's Around Now.

new banner, for a new "comeback" after a 3 month break. :|
it's not very good because i have to use paint. :|

I'm guessing we all recieved a mail advertising the new miss sixty collection? yeah.
The new collection is in the starplaza now.

it most certainly does not come cheap,

at all.

i dislike this range,
i've never bought anything from any of the collections, except 1 thing, which it think was a bag.
it's too far expensive, the clothes are not very nice, and well, that's just my opinion.

if your a fan of the range,
get your silver ass down to the starplaza, now.

collections from miss sixty never last long.


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I died, then came back to life.

flippin hell! it's been about 2 month! or 3!
i'm sorry, but too much and so much and all of it's happened over the last 3 month,
(since march to now) but everything is cleared now, and i'm happy, so i should be posting regulaurly again, :)

so, no, i'm not dead,
and if i was,
i'm back alive. ;)

and i've not been on stardoll at all for long since march, so maybe it's growing off me.

anyway, some things i've missed out on:
superstars can now buy a penthouse! :O
wow, i bought this
it comes with 2 rooms, both interior'ed.
and you can buy special furniture for it!

it comes around 30$,pricey, but thats usual.

A couple of new shops have been added;
NEW LE. (pretty much the best range so far)
New Kohls.
Garden Variety.

pretty much a lot, some of them are awsome!
but all very much expensive, .... all of them except kohls, which i find awsome.

hope to see you again,

sooner. :')