Saturday, 29 August 2009

New hb's bag!

This is the new hotbuys bag. It cost 7 dollars (not much) and it is so sweet.
The muffin bag ;) So cute!

Friday, 28 August 2009

I Went And Got A Life (: And I Like it

Hi, yesterday i went and got a life.
Normally i spend 7-8-9 hours on the internet each day (laptop)
That's going to change. To about 2 hours, beacuse i went and got a life now (:
And lifes too short to be sitting all day on internet.

Im not leaving the blog, and im not leaving stardoll.
Just cutting down.
So there may not be as much posting like there was before.
Bye x From Nutters/Kortni

Thursday, 27 August 2009

New Tempro Banner

This is my Shit Tempro Banner (: I invite everyone to crap on it, until i get the new one up :D

New Layout

Yeah, we have a new layout- orange and purple.
I need to contact Halmonkey3 to make me a banner now, Hmmm!

Do you like the new layout?

What The..Whats Going On?

Click To Enlarge...
Doesn't the picture speak for it's self?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Who's Your Star Wearing Black Star?

Hi, I Decided to do a poll on who you think is wearing black start styled outfits best,
i have put a poll on the right of the blog at the top, vote there on who you think really is the star of black star!

Click image to enlarge!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Feature!

Yeah, stardoll added somthing really usefull to the start page.
A Box where when we log in straight away, we can see what's new in the starplaza, and suiteshop! Cool or what? Also, they added the people who just signed in here, and you can also select, people who just signed in, in your language!
I find this really usefull, cool and handy.What are your thoughts on this new feature? Do you like it? Or maybe it confuses you, or get's in the way of somthing?

TELL US- we love reading comments!

All Of The Black Star Clothes (Not Free)

Hey, if you visit hotbuys bazzar, and stuff it shows you how to join the club and get the free perfume. Although it didnt work for me.
But, here is somthing new: click this link:,20981,20980,20984,20985,20986,20987,20988,20989,20990,20991,20992,20993,20994

Get all the clothes from the store in your shopping cart- Not for free!
Here is what the shop floor looks like- although you cant see it yet.
I bought nearly everything. Except the tights and shoes.
they are Okay prices, for such hot clothes!
What you waiting for? this link might not last long!

Another Stardoll Glitch!

Okay, So i was searching for black tops, and dresses- and i picked up this one- just out of curiousity- And it's a Paulina top, from the Paulina shop. But It Has PCD at the top of the label- which means Pussycat dolls shop.
That's just one of many stardoll glitches !

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Avril Lavigne Has A Perfume!

Yeah, our "Real celeb" Avril Lavigne Finally Launched Her Own Perfume! It's Called Black Star, Be Your Own Star. I Really Like Avril's Dress On The Logo For It!

She's defo rising to fame, first a no.1, then another, now a perfume- and she's got abbey dawn too! I wonder how its going with derek?

Autum Trends- For Diffrent Personalitys

Ok, So our next season is Autum. A Time Of Orange, Golds And Greens. Light And Colourfull.

Skirts, Are going out- Bootcut's are making their return, as winter is at rest- very Mildly!

Casual. Quiet. Trendy. Laid Back. Outfit For You Girls.
Daring. Fashion Freak. Always Stylish. For you girls...
Trendy. Stylish. Comfy. Pratical. A Outfit For you girls..
Emo. Rock Star. Punky. Goth. Or No Ordinary Girls (ME!)

^A Beautifull Outfit For Us Girls ^

Can't See Your Style Here? Comment!
We Love Reading Them!

Our First Review- St.Trinians [School can be a riot]

Hey All (: Im Gonna Apologise Because I Have Not Posted In Like...A Week Or So?

Simply Beacuse When i Finally Do Get A Chance To Come On Maccy (Thats Her Name!)
All The Posts Have Been Done :(
But Hey, When i Read Kortni's Last Post (Underneath This One)
We Can Do Reviews Now, Us Writers xD

Here's Stardoll Catch Up's First DVD review! #1
Name: St. Trinians
Rating: 12a ( People under 12 must be with someone older )
Storyline: New girl comes to St.trinians The worst boarding school ever- it's a riot.
They finally make her happy, and then the girls try and steal the most valubale painting ever.
To get money, so the school doesnt close down (beacuse they dont wanna go to a normal school!)
Rating: 3/5 ( Average )
Recommend it to: Girls- who are into chic fliks, and are naughty in real life. Above 13.
Price: I bought it for Christmas, i think it was about 12.00 pound (England, Uk, Gb)
In Dollars, I Dont Know.

Updates, Waffle & News Round Up!

It's Kortni Here (Nutters) It's Just I made A New Account- I Hated My Nickname "Nutters"
Also, A Second Account Is Handy Too Have, InCase Somthing Goes All Wrong :)
Ok, so this post is just updates, news, round up, and waffle (: Just to keep track with people!

So, i Will Be Using KortniTwilight Instead Of Nutters On My Banners, Okay?
Yah So First Up, Updates And About The Blog:

The writers currently here are: KortniTwilight And Nicky_R also Samdreamer
That's three altogether- maybe one more will come in the future.

Hits And Misses
So, yeah the blog has a decent amount of visits in 1 year! It's defo rised in fame and fortune!
More visits, and we have 16 followers (thats a miss) COME ON GUYS, FOLLOW US!

What To Expect Now And later
Well, maybe a new writer, new layouts, new music. More followers. Better graphics. Maybe a magazine, when my dad get's photoshop sorted from work for me!
Each writer has started a "Look Book" There Are Currently 5 Look Book's,
They simply give you outfit ideas, tips and tricks- what's hot and whats so not!

When we get over 3000 hit's and up to 30 followers, we will begin doing comps. But for now,
im not going to bother, beacuse no one is able to enter them, i don't think? Or you just lazy?

More Fashion
Yeah, right now this blog only covers stardoll, i plan to make plans' (Makes Sense?) To begin
writing about fashion in your life. Real life fashion and trends (Not that im much into it) But i will
still help!

Waffle And More
My fav thing to do when i write, i tend to waffle on- so excuse any crappy post's where i go on for
ever and ever.
KRISTEN STEWART is my idol that's why!

Yeah soon, we will be doing reviews on: Books, films and trailers etc.

Coming Soon...Please Wait (:

Friday, 21 August 2009

A Message About These "Bags"

Did anyone else get this message from stardoll admin, explaning why and when about the new limited edition bags?
The words with boxes around them are the ones you should read boldy.

I think you can click to enlarge it,
key words:
One Week
Thursday 27/8 obviosily 09
and party

So, is like stardoll start giving us parties?

And stardoll has got their vocabulary wrong they have written "Dont miss your change"
It should be "chance"

Just like when you save your quickfacts, it says "Your quickfacts was saved"
It should be "Were"

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Is This..

Is this Banner Anygood? I Love The Doll..But It' Just does not do it for me for some reason?
Is it: the font, the border, the...text? The bad rubbing out?

Wow! New limited edition bags.

Those are the new limited edition bags. Two of them costs 50
and other 3 costs 25 dollars.

All of them cost 175 together! Are they worth money?
I think that this bags are nice and cool ;) I like the most one
wich my doll is holding in her hand. And you?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Before And After Makeovers

I Was Bored, So I Did Three Before And After Makeovers, On My Best Friends Medolls!
Please Tell Me If You Like Them, If So- I Will Start A Makover Blog :D

September Hotbuys Released!

Yeah, say goodbye to summer, and holidays, say hello back to school and Hello autum season!
These hotbuys are full of colour and fun!
I think they are better than last months, and the month before's hotbuys!
1. Top
2. shoes
3. scarf
5. top

Whats really weird, that the KHOLS bag is in there? How can it be? When it's already been released? That is very weird and confusing :S

New Hotbuys Top

There is a new hotbuys top, its from topshop (As usual) And it's for superstars only, and its at a price of 8 stardollars, from the pretty in pink store. I hope someone finds a good way to wear it, beacuse i think it's "Un style-able"

That's what it looks like :)
Anyway, if you like the top, then go buy it!
Thanks for Hotbuys Bazzar For The Image.

And I Was thinking of starting a celeb magazine, not with stardoll graphics but with like celebs, and REAL LIFE fashion and people- not stardoll website fashion and people!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Giant StyleBook #5

Hey, since all us writers love making stylebook's, i decided to make a huge, giant one-
There is one doll, for each store, actually i left out: fallen angel, voile and tingeling- beacuse i reckon that they are the most Unpopulaur stores!

There's 16 of them... which do you like best?

Monday, 17 August 2009

Im Back & StyleBook #4

Sorry I Havent Posted Like Forever, Beacuse I Been On Holiday For 10 Days [: So, Im Sorry About That. I Come Back To The Blog To Find: New Layout, New Writer. Whoa, Nutters The New Layout's Ahhmazing :) Anyway, I Saw Other Writers Did Um, "StyleBooks" So, Theres Been 3 So Far, So Im Gonna Do The Forth One, I Didnt Have Time To Do More Than 2 Outifts, since i can't Be On Pc For Long :(
I Hope you like anyway :)

1. This is a Kind of Outfit Girls Like To Wear Whe They Go To The Mall (: Fashionobale, Sexy, And Modern & it's Got More Than 1 Colour, It Could Do With More Accsessorising :)
2. Work-a-holic much?= This is a work day outfit, somthing simple, plain and black white, as per usual for work :)

Hopefully I Post Again Soon, Bye !!!

Style book #3

This is how i make a style book. Here is picture :D

Hope you like it ;) I like the most a chill out and a wedding!
And you? What you like the most?

StyleBook #2

Last Time StyleBook #1 Was All The Outfits For School. This Time It's Just Random Ones.
1. Wedding outfit: Light, Girly, Flirty And Loose. Little Of Make Up Of Light Shades.
2. Funeral ( Very Random ) : Obviosily you wear All black. little bit of black eyeline, mascara
3. Chilling: Say if you didnt go out one day, just chilling in the house- You wanna be comfy!
4. Beach: it's the end of summer, make the most of your sexy swim suits, and big shades!

Stylebook #3 Coming Soon!
Any Special Requests Are Accepted :)

Weird stardoll. Glitch?

I don't know what is wrong with stardoll but its going crazy in last 2-3 days!
Here you can see what is wrong.
That presentation shouldn't be there.
And colors, the black one is here 5 times and it is so weird.
Does stardoll have some problems i don't know or it is just a glitch.
It is so confused me today xD