Sunday, 23 August 2009

Updates, Waffle & News Round Up!

It's Kortni Here (Nutters) It's Just I made A New Account- I Hated My Nickname "Nutters"
Also, A Second Account Is Handy Too Have, InCase Somthing Goes All Wrong :)
Ok, so this post is just updates, news, round up, and waffle (: Just to keep track with people!

So, i Will Be Using KortniTwilight Instead Of Nutters On My Banners, Okay?
Yah So First Up, Updates And About The Blog:

The writers currently here are: KortniTwilight And Nicky_R also Samdreamer
That's three altogether- maybe one more will come in the future.

Hits And Misses
So, yeah the blog has a decent amount of visits in 1 year! It's defo rised in fame and fortune!
More visits, and we have 16 followers (thats a miss) COME ON GUYS, FOLLOW US!

What To Expect Now And later
Well, maybe a new writer, new layouts, new music. More followers. Better graphics. Maybe a magazine, when my dad get's photoshop sorted from work for me!
Each writer has started a "Look Book" There Are Currently 5 Look Book's,
They simply give you outfit ideas, tips and tricks- what's hot and whats so not!

When we get over 3000 hit's and up to 30 followers, we will begin doing comps. But for now,
im not going to bother, beacuse no one is able to enter them, i don't think? Or you just lazy?

More Fashion
Yeah, right now this blog only covers stardoll, i plan to make plans' (Makes Sense?) To begin
writing about fashion in your life. Real life fashion and trends (Not that im much into it) But i will
still help!

Waffle And More
My fav thing to do when i write, i tend to waffle on- so excuse any crappy post's where i go on for
ever and ever.
KRISTEN STEWART is my idol that's why!

Yeah soon, we will be doing reviews on: Books, films and trailers etc.

Coming Soon...Please Wait (: