Sunday, 23 August 2009

Our First Review- St.Trinians [School can be a riot]

Hey All (: Im Gonna Apologise Because I Have Not Posted In Like...A Week Or So?

Simply Beacuse When i Finally Do Get A Chance To Come On Maccy (Thats Her Name!)
All The Posts Have Been Done :(
But Hey, When i Read Kortni's Last Post (Underneath This One)
We Can Do Reviews Now, Us Writers xD

Here's Stardoll Catch Up's First DVD review! #1
Name: St. Trinians
Rating: 12a ( People under 12 must be with someone older )
Storyline: New girl comes to St.trinians The worst boarding school ever- it's a riot.
They finally make her happy, and then the girls try and steal the most valubale painting ever.
To get money, so the school doesnt close down (beacuse they dont wanna go to a normal school!)
Rating: 3/5 ( Average )
Recommend it to: Girls- who are into chic fliks, and are naughty in real life. Above 13.
Price: I bought it for Christmas, i think it was about 12.00 pound (England, Uk, Gb)
In Dollars, I Dont Know.