Sunday, 29 November 2009

Might Close Altogether.. End of My Blogging

Im just going to close the blog altogether.

Its just a waste of time & work.

i will wait 5 days, and then delete it.
unless i magically get 20 more followers, and comments.

Monday, 16 November 2009


I told you if no one commented on the closing post, that we would close for a while.
Nobody did.
so, yes, no posts from sdcu for now.
Come back, with more comman sense to comment, and follow.
Not closed forever, just for a makeover, attract some new followers and... get writers, etc.
Maybe until 2010. (2 month)
Thank you x


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Its Been A While.

I haven't been on stardoll, the blog or the computer at all lately. The last 2 month, have been hard. For, personal reasons.
As Nutters (Kortni Says) IN last post, the blog is... failing us.

Not Positive But Not Negatvie

[Tempro Banner]
Okay, so i have not posted for a long time, and im not posting as much now. This is beacause , i think this blog is a waste of my time.
basically, we have 20 followers, 2 of them are my accounts.
We have only 2000 and whatever hundred amount of visitors.
And, nobody comments.. EVER.
This tells me' Nobody is reading the blog.
What's the point in me writing in it then?

So, your task:
Comment on this post, if you read the blog.
If i get 1 or 0 comments, i know, the blog might as well...

thank you x
(if you dont have a blogger/google account to comment with, then sign my guestbook on stardoll)
This could save sdcu!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Antidote Return

The Antidote is back ! x The shop this time isn't really expensive , But only one room x I think it is okay , but could be better . Lots of people hate it . I don't like much but I just Had to buy 2 bag's , and because I didn't get anything last time a dress x what do you think ? Nicole x

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

DIY is back ! x

DIY is Back ! The shop is much much smaller than the last time , with hardly any clothes or Accesories . What do you think ? Nicole x

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Header x

I was Board , So I thought I would make a Heading/Banner for stardoll-Catch-Up x
Nicole x

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Glam or Slam x

What do you think ?
Glam - Good
Slam - Bad
x ????? x

Latest Starplaza Collection ! x

Hey everyone how are you ? x Sorry for not posting Lately ! The Latest Hot Buys in Starplazer are in ! These Jeweled Creepers Shoes are very Sparkly at only 5 SD's ! Not Superstar ! This Sequin Skirt is also very dandy at a Price of 10 Stardollars , I'm not sure If It is Superstar x But Last but not least the Pink Knitted jacker for only 10 SD's , but sadly Superstar ! x

Nicole x

A Sign Of Deadly Boredom

You know your getting deadly bored, when you post a picture of a twilight cast on a stardoll blog -.- (meaning, im deadly bored. Help!)
Now, please, or i will force my self to go in the bubble bath at 5:15pm and read "New moon" book

Friday, 6 November 2009

New Hotbuys

These are the two hotbuys i missed out on posting. The tee shirt was not actually put into the new section, and when you go to Fudge and purchase it, you cant. it says
"This item is not available" So, thats a glitch.. And i like the top, and i want it released!
The belt is fallen angels, and you can buy that one.
The top is 10, the belt is 6. Blah, blah, blah.... you can see that. bye x

New Store

This WAS the new store on stardoll. Expensive (not suprisied) And, the dresses are pretty ugly. But the sketches are AMAZING. It's the first shop created by a user.
But now, the dresses have gone, if you read avant grade gossip or stardolls most wanted blog. you can see the whole email and stuff.
Apparantly, a girl send her drawings in, and said they were he'rs. and they are not.
So, the dresses have gone, for now.
Thats it, bye x


I Have been busy with school, tests and homework. And family and friends. I have missed posting on two hotbuys. And a new shop. So Sorry! But, im really busy. I Dont have the time i did in the holidays. Its nearly xmas, 2 weeks off .. thats when all the posts come flooding in.
But sorry again, for not being very active x
Keep following :)
Hopefully some other writers, will help me out and post!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

My story x

Hey everyone since Nutters posted her story , wich is great ! I thought I would post one x Nicole.

Chapter 1 : The Cemetery .

It was a Cold , Dusty Halloween Night when two girl's called Nicole and Flipa were Out In the Cemetery . They allway's went to the Cemetery on Halloween , To Give themselves a Scare ! Nicole had dressed up as a Evil Which , and Flipa was a Evil Princess !In the Cemetery it was allway's dark with a Dim Light beside a door , which they wondered was inside ! They were standing by the Grave's when Nicole Said ' I wonder what is Behind that door ' , nudging Flipa .
' Maby a Scary Ghost , o
r ... or ehh some Bone's ! Said Flipa when it brought the two girl's to think relay hard . ' Why don't we go , and try to open the door ! ' said Flipa running over to the Window on the wall .'Nicole ran over and gave a hard tug at the door ' It wont Budge ! ' . 'Ohhhhhhh !' .
' AHH , what was that ! 'the two Screamed ! They Both Looked inside the Window , Looking to be surprised at anything , Then Suddenly ........ The Door Opened .

Chapter 2 : Inside the Door .

The Girl's walked inside when suddenly the door slammed Shut . it was pitch black , but in Nicole's small bag she had a Small Flash Light , so she took it out and switched it on . ' AHH ! ' said Nicole . ' What is it ? ' replied Flipa . ' Its a SPIDER ! ' ' It's all right it wont do any harm ' said flipa and walked over and picked the small spider up . This was a Strange spider , because it have Orange all over it . While Flipa was Look at the spider , Nicole wondered around and looking at this old and dusty room . There was a Table and a Chair with some Notes . She walked over and shined her Light Onto the Notes , they weren't very clear to read since they would have been writer a While ago . When flipa noticed her over at the table she went to join her . ' I wonder what these letter's say , They are blunt out ' said Nicole . ' it say's in the top right hand corner , it was writen in 1969 ! 30 Year's ago ! ' replyed Flipa . ' This room Look's like a Office , it might have been the owner's shed where all his thing's were kepped . Let's Look for clue's ' . The two girl's looked for clue's around the room.'This bookcase look's very suspisious . Let's look at these book's ......

Chapter 3 : Just Another .

They Lifted the book's , looking careful when suddenly by lifting one of the book's the bookcase moved and their revealed a Hidden Door . There was a Code Key on the door , so the could not enter . ' get put of her now before bad thing's happen ' said a Voice .
' what was that ? ' Said Nicole scared like a Leaf .
' Out NOW !!! ' Screamed the voice , the door beside the window Opened , the two girl's ran for their life . When they reached the outside the door Closed with a Bang , Leaving the two girl's standing beside the tree with fright And Horror . ' what do you think that was , I want to go home ' said Flipa ,
' me two ' said Nicole ' I think we have had enough Halloween fun for tonight ! ' .So the both girl's ran out of the cemetery and walked down the outside path , Just wondering what one earth it could have been , Was it to do with the Orange Spider ?..........

Welcome To Our New Writer

Hello! As you can see i let a new writer to the blog.
She is Called 44Nicole44- She's posted already which is great!
So, welcome aboard Nicole... & Thanks for writing for us, Because i was so, like, desbrate!
I am getting my professional banner maker Yasi (pink.bubble.123) to make you a good banner, what all of us have too :)
Welcome from all of us, x

Just My Luck ' Story (Short and sweet story) Chapter 1

(this is my first story on the blog. which i said i would start to write, so this is part one... enjoy it!)

I hated this corridor, my whole high school life, this corridor was the worst place for me to be. You walked down, there were the bimbos fliriting, the chavers smoking, and the geeks being...well, geeky. Then, you have me and my best friend.
We are quiet, and shy.. never been included in any cliques, we just stick together.
Today was the first day back after summer, unfortunetly, the only way to get to my class, was to walk down this corridor. I have so many BAD memories, and times here.
My best friend... Leo, she was pretty lucky, nothing bad happened to her. Just me.

She also had great style. She always looked so nice.. i just looked what the bimbos call 'loser' ish. They feel so proud, those bimbos, carrying there chanel bags and there big high heels.
Anyway, back to corridor memoires. The first accident i ever had i
n this dreaded corridor was the clear bag drop.
Everyone still talks about it at school, which makes it even worse to deal with. Wha
t happened was: i was walking along this , corridor, and i had a new bag, totally loved it. it was see through purple one. But, the zipper snapped through the day, and when i was trying to figure out how to fix it, i tripped over in the corridor.
The most, embarassing thing.. was the only thing that fell out the bag. Why couldn't it of been, like a pencil? Instead of...

A box of tampax! Cringe!
Leo, helped me up. Everyone was laughing and pointing at me... it was awful! The worst and most cringe worthy thing, ever happened to me!
i fell to the ground face flat to! leo pushed everything back in the bag, and i got up. As we walked out the corridor, everyone was pointing and calling m
e "whoops you dropped something!" ... thats what everyone called me since that accident!

Now, you see.. why i hate this corridor so much!...
Also, another accident in this corridor.
i came to school, with a new bra on, that felt really slack.. i kept keeping hold of it..!
A boy must of over heard me telling Leo, that it was loose.
I was walking down the corridor, feeling.. so.. fat.
That boy... undid the zipper down my tee shirt, and my tee shirt landed on the floor.
i was left standing in my bra! in the middle of the corridor, in front of almost EVERYONE!
i started to cry, leo wrapped my top around me, and we ran, out, to tell the head.
the boy got detention, but i got a new nickname, which was "

If anyone in this world is unlyckyer than me, they must like die everyday or something.

Im classed as a loser, and a victim now. I always stay away from crowds, and mean people. I dont want anything to happen to me ever again.
Anyway, today was the first day back after summer break.
Me and leo came to school, feeling happy and exited to be back to lessons and fun.
As we were walking down the corridor Leo noticed a sign on the wall.
"Look mary, Look!" She shouted, and tapped my shoulder.
it was a notice it said clearly...
Leo winked at me, "We could totally go, and have some fun!" she shouted.

I hated partys. I could not dance.
"I have nothing to wear!" I shouted back.
Leo winked again... "Dont worry, i do!"
leo, was a great designer, and had thousands of dresses of her own.

the school day went by quickly. By 3 o' clock, we were at Leo's house
, in her room, trying on her hundereds of dresses from her collection.
She finally, deicded on one for both of us. After sevral hours of dancing, trying stuff on, and taking pictures in diffrent dresses.

I had a sparkling diffrent coloured purple number. Leo had picked a dark, sassy and elegant frock. Which totally suited her.
"Leo, are you sure i can wear your dress to a party?" i asked, worried.
She giggled, "course! and your defo coming, right?" she asked.
"yeah, right" i replied, still not 100% i really was coming, but i didnt want to let Leo down after her hard work, and her big efforts, to make my wonderfull dress.

I stepped out of my dress, and she give it to me in a box.
I drove home, it was raining, again... Our place is famous for its rain!

i got home and hung up my dress. Admiring it, again.
I started to study for the test, not being able to take my mind, on this desicon for the dance.
i didnt have a date.. to go with! what am i going to do?