Sunday, 15 November 2009

Not Positive But Not Negatvie

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Okay, so i have not posted for a long time, and im not posting as much now. This is beacause , i think this blog is a waste of my time.
basically, we have 20 followers, 2 of them are my accounts.
We have only 2000 and whatever hundred amount of visitors.
And, nobody comments.. EVER.
This tells me' Nobody is reading the blog.
What's the point in me writing in it then?

So, your task:
Comment on this post, if you read the blog.
If i get 1 or 0 comments, i know, the blog might as well...

thank you x
(if you dont have a blogger/google account to comment with, then sign my guestbook on stardoll)
This could save sdcu!