Monday, 17 August 2009

Im Back & StyleBook #4

Sorry I Havent Posted Like Forever, Beacuse I Been On Holiday For 10 Days [: So, Im Sorry About That. I Come Back To The Blog To Find: New Layout, New Writer. Whoa, Nutters The New Layout's Ahhmazing :) Anyway, I Saw Other Writers Did Um, "StyleBooks" So, Theres Been 3 So Far, So Im Gonna Do The Forth One, I Didnt Have Time To Do More Than 2 Outifts, since i can't Be On Pc For Long :(
I Hope you like anyway :)

1. This is a Kind of Outfit Girls Like To Wear Whe They Go To The Mall (: Fashionobale, Sexy, And Modern & it's Got More Than 1 Colour, It Could Do With More Accsessorising :)
2. Work-a-holic much?= This is a work day outfit, somthing simple, plain and black white, as per usual for work :)

Hopefully I Post Again Soon, Bye !!!