Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I died, then came back to life.

flippin hell! it's been about 2 month! or 3!
i'm sorry, but too much and so much and all of it's happened over the last 3 month,
(since march to now) but everything is cleared now, and i'm happy, so i should be posting regulaurly again, :)

so, no, i'm not dead,
and if i was,
i'm back alive. ;)

and i've not been on stardoll at all for long since march, so maybe it's growing off me.

anyway, some things i've missed out on:
superstars can now buy a penthouse! :O
wow, i bought this
it comes with 2 rooms, both interior'ed.
and you can buy special furniture for it!

it comes around 30$,pricey, but thats usual.

A couple of new shops have been added;
NEW LE. (pretty much the best range so far)
New Kohls.
Garden Variety.

pretty much a lot, some of them are awsome!
but all very much expensive, .... all of them except kohls, which i find awsome.

hope to see you again,

sooner. :')