Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Long time no type.

Sorry it's been so long since i posted. I haven't been on stardoll for like 4 month.
i have still been checking the blog though & talking to nutters. I just happened to have a lot of trouble.. (like alway's with my family & life & friends)

First, the i-mac started going weird. So, y' know we had to take it away to be repaired. that took 3 week's.
Then, it was working fine. But when it came to remembering passwords (since everything had been wiped off).. well i could not remember any password's.
So, now nutters is letting me use her blogger account, since i can't remember any of my password's. Luckily i had stardoll's wrote down. But stardoll is boring (as everyone say's..)
So, im back now and shall be posting a lot more often.
i have not said welcome to the new writers yet. so;

welcome 44nicole44-
welcome new writer
... (nutters will reveal later who the new writer is..)