Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Alexander Mcqueen & Lady Gaga & The Rape-able Statue ;)

Im quite aware this is a bit late but; i didn't really feel for him until Lady GaGa was at the Brit's last night; grabbing 3 Brit awards! the most of everybody there :O on the stage next to her wonderfull performence; was this statue;

she is wearing those ^ famous alexander mcqueen shoes ;)
i really want to rape this statue.

god help whoever made it. I loved it! the shoe's are amazing; and so is this statue.
mcqueen & well done gaga ;)
on and well done to the statue making Guy :D

And the performence that Lady gaga did on the brit awards last night (2010)
she said
"this is in memorey for alexander mcqueen"
then everyone gave a huge cheer!

The performence was great; and once again she was "Un"dressed

like a


if you go on youtube and type in "lady gaga at the brits 2010" there should be video's of her performence & you can see the statue, what she said about alex. & the collecting of her THREE award's!

That twas' her amazing performence at the brit's.
before winning all of her awards
(and of course you see the amazing statue and the mcqueen shoes ;))