Saturday, 16 January 2010

Mix Pod

So i put new tunes on the blog, just though i would say; i tried to put 1 song on for each kind of personalityed/clique person. Rock, pop, rave, indie, etc. so, hopefully your type should be there somewhere :) here is a list of the songs on the playlist; (click menu on the i-pod to see the songs)

1. Supermassive black hole; muse .. (rock, music from twilight)
2. Happy; Leona lewis ... (roamance, pop, slow)
3. Replay; Iyaz.. (Rave, chav, R&B)
4. Big city dreams; Never shout never (rock, indie, pop)
5. Bad romace; Lady Gaga (Pop, R&B)
6. Stranger; Hillary duff (pop, slow)
7. use somebody; Kings of leon.. (boys, rock, pop, R&B,)

So, 7 song's to choose from. I Like all of them except replay (i hate that, but i had to have it for you chav, living ravers xD)

Buh Bye :))