Monday, 18 January 2010

The Missing Exclamation Mark's?

Yes, face it; its been a pretty long time since i posted here,

1. the blog closed for a break anyway
2. i didnt have time when it did open to post right away

but hey im back now, at least im still alive :)
remember, a smile costs nothing but gives much!

i should be posting a lot more since we can talk about the outside world, not just boring old stardoll.. which speaking of, i have not been on in a VERY long time xD

i must log on, and hunt down gossip :D
ta ta x

PS. sorry that i dont have a banner that macthe's nutters and 44nicole44's, its cause i cant make good banners like nutters can, so i will just have to have a blue one.

at least the blue still matche's xDD