Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Review On The Latest Stardoll Buzzes

  • Halloween Fashion Prices Are "Baby LE"
The prices of halloween costumes on stardoll, are just un called for really. One dress, is a whopping 50 stardollars, i wouldn't say it was idsacly worth...
paying 50 whole stardollars for one dress, which you wear for one night!
Even stuff that's small- Is Like 30 star dollars, that's out of control.
Blog's are calling it "Baby LE" ... "We Hope to see our old Tingling back!"
hopefully if it does come back.. the prices will go back to normal, instead of paranormal!

  • We want our 1 star dollar a day back! "Selfish star doll"
Every member is unhappy with stardolls desicon to scrap the whole 1 stardollar a day scheme.
Nobody expected it.. it came like Hurricane Katrina! Out of the blue, by surprise. I dint notice it my self, but when i actually took note- i then did.
This is problies because we now have Play and earn
BUT... My dear little chubby bunny's...
did you notice- when play and earn came out it said "limited time only" ?
So, does this mean- the 1 stardollar a day has stopped, then eventaully play and earn will stop?
That's selfish star doll for ya! Its greedy enough to begin with! Money grabbers!