Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Stardoll School

Ok. So i started a new project/blog type thing. Its called the stardoll school. Im advertising it here.
If you could please also advertise it in your blogs, if you have one- that would help a lot!
Click HERE to go to the website for "the stardoll school"
Its not like a actual school.
there is a uniform- but nothing you have to buy.
You do get actual Projects to do
theres a twist
projects will be things like:
best dressed

Its really exiting! You can win massive prizes such as codes if you join stardoll school!
to be a student you just need to click HERE to go to the student joining post- and Read it!
when you have read it- follow the instructions the post gave you.
And, when you done them, your an offical student!
you dont have to follow to be a student- but it would be a big , big, huge, massive help for me and the other students! thanks.

You can then read the rest of the posts. And get started with "the stardoll school"
once i have 20 students or more. fashion and design lessons and projects/work will begin. (thats the fun part!)

So Please join the stardoll school! All the links needed are above. And all information is on the offical blog.

Please advertise it on your blogs :D comment if you do, or send me a message on stardoll if you do.
nickname is: nutters

if you advertise it on your blog- PLEASE use this image to advertise with!
advertise it on your sidebar OR in a post... Please, and thank you!

I want to be in sucsess with this project/blog- the only way that can happen is with YOUR help.
and YOU can join now!