Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pink.Bubble.123 Graphic

My dear, dear, dear best friend Yasmeen (Pink.bubble.123 on stardoll)
Is a great graphics maker. She makes all the banners on this blog..and helps me with stuff a lot!
Shes great at graphics basically. (She Is A Ex-Stardoll-catch-up writer) I wish she would be one again, she rocked at it!
i was thinking,
since she is to busy with school to run her own blog for her graphics, or write her-
i said
Everytime she makes a new graphic- She can send it to me VIA.Email.
I Will Then Post it onto THIS Blog ... Advertising it.. and showing it off :)
Just an idea, tell me what you think?
She makes
She Sends
I post
I Share
Shes happy..maybe
im happy....defo