Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Stardoll Life & Yours 3

Hello people- I'm sure, everyone unless your dead, has heard of these things called 'Shag bands'
They are banned, in schools. (Well, all the schools i know of, they are) That's basically, Because there rude and crude. But a massive fad for teens and kids! every colour, has a different meaning.
there are normal colours. Illumines colours, and Last of all: Sparkly Colours!
Kort, i bought her some: she has 11 altogether. the normal colours. And now, shes collecting.
here are the choices of shag bands:

They have been banned in schools. After grown ups finally figured what they really were. not just rubber crap, after all. But, its just one of them fad's that will come... and slowly, disappear !

have YOU got them?