Thursday, 15 April 2010

hello followers (:

i've never shown my self before on stardoll or the blog, so here's a side view. just because i never know who could look at this.. i do take a lot of photo's to be honest;
and this one has just been took, like, 10' minutes ago. and i haven't even got dressed yet. im to lazy.

and i love this necklace by the way. i'l try and answer any question's before i get them inboxed to me.
where'd you get the necklace?: tammy. 5$
what's you're haircut?: i just backcomb it and use lots of hairsprary. i got a sweeping side fringe, and very very very short they are like, spikey at the top.
why are you so white?: i'm just white. i don't tan. and i hate fake bake. yuck.

so, any more questions, either comment or message/gb me then on stardoll. blah blah blah..
so, toodle doo.
if' you'd like to share you're photo or whatever, then feel free to! :)


Anonymous said...

you are pretty well. the side of you fave is pretty!! :**

blackpearlsmasheddiomands said...

Thank you :]

Please leave you're name so i can send you a gift.

thank's for commenting.

+ i'm really not that pretty ;|