Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hotbuy Swimsuit & Blaaah.

A new hotbuy is out in the starplaza, it was released today and matche's perfect with the puffy black and white print skirt which is also in the 'new' section. (it is today anyway.)
I didn't buy it because i don't dress my medoll in swimsuit's, sorry. i find it a'bit like, tarty dressing a virtual doll on a young girl's website in body suit's, unless like, you're going to a party where the dress code is summer, or holidays, or beach etc.

the price is just a typical stardoll price of $8 stardollar's; yeah, i suppose it's a 'hotbuy' not around for long. so, yeah it's kind of agree'able. But if i did price it myself, i would of priced it at $6 stardollar's.

i also would like to suggest to stardoll they start making at least 4/10 hotbuys each month for non-superstar's, it's like back in the olden day's where they classed people.

'high class'.. you can have everything
'low class/slums' (nonsuperstars) 'oh, you get nowt! because you won't pay our website! so why should we give you any good or nice stuff on the website if you're not givin' us money!"

yeah, bit greedy? :P

ENJOY you're hotbuy! :D
go make some class outfit's now.