Thursday, 15 April 2010

Shout out's & stuff;

shout out's:

i'd like to say thank's to all the writer's these past.. 2 week'ish. they've posted more than ever, and you're post's are fabulous. reminder: use real words not shortened words, and don't put kisse's in titles. thank you. (:

thank you to
nick. he's been a little gem. he's helped me with colour scheme's, slogans, nicknames, idea's, etc. i love you nick, you've helped me lot's even though you're not even a member of stardoll. you REALLY should write for this blog. you can cover the real life stuff! :D just an idea ^_^

i think it's been like a
year since the amazing writier pink.bubble.123 left almost, so happy anniversery. she's not writing for any other blog atm. and i think she's the same as me; not visiting stardoll so much now'a'days.

trying to get more follower's but it's a really hard job when you're not a stinky elite ¬__¬

you have
18 day's left to vote on the poll in the sidebar --->

please if you read the blog, or you want to correct us, or give us new's please COMMENT.
we haven't had comment's for,
well since i started with the blog. please comment, and follow and stuff. y'know. i work hard here, and i wish for the follower's to comment!

i will give you a gift if you comment!
make sure you leave you're
stardoll username in the comment!!

all for today.
goodbye. from. the. team.


Anonymous said...

u shud do shout out sunday instead of talk time thursday (::

just sayin

butthanks for all the shout outs.i voted on the poll! ===)

blackpearlsmasheddiomands said...

Thank's for the idea.(:
please leave you're name.
you could of had a gift :|

Come back,? xD