Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Photography work;

i'm all into art and photography now; so i did some drawings of anime/manga/gaga/people etc. they came out really good for me, and i've covered my bedroom wall in them.
(i have 4 walls in my room. that's 2 covered now; one with music posters and this one with my drawing's and my photography, i better not cover anymore xD)

so i thought i'd share some of the many peice's of photography i did with you guys;
even though it doesn't relate to stardoll, but hey ho stardoll's shit today.

  • the geek glasses and my headphones was the first ever photog. i did.
  • the 'i love you'; i drew this with a stone on my pavement outside.
  • the bag; is the beautiful bag i got for easter. i had to take a picture, so i made it into some canny little photography and edited it so it look's more professinal.
  • the one of me outside the red garage looked pretty.
  • the perfume bottle. cream. headphones, was just natural, stilll life shit so i edited it, and it's kinda good.
  • the staionarey looked kinda cool when i sharped it.
  • the brown and creamish one is my friend 'summer' i took this in the garden. it looks like a modelling photo and it's oh'so'natural' so i liked that. canny photo.
  • last but not least. the one of meerr, this just looked like photography, and it was a natural photo.
i hope you like them. i might share some more soon; x

-sorry this post is a complete mess with pic's.


Anonymous said...

ur talanted. keep it up! x