Thursday, 15 April 2010

Let's Make A Sandwhich;

HELLO. I'm Nick! I Live In A Bin Clearly Girl...
I've Never Wrote For A Blog Before, And I Had To Make A Crappy Stardoll Account Just So That I Had A One To Put On My Banner ^_^

I'mma 69 Year Old Girl Who Is A Virgin Who Turn's Into A Umberella!
Just Kiddin' Even Though You're Problies To Busy Raving Blasting Ya' N-DUBZ Hew To Listen To Me Dx Gis A Chance Hew Ya Chav.


I'm Nick.
I'm 14.
I'm Come From America.
I'm Moved The UK.
I'm Thinking It's A Bag Of Doggy Shit.
I'm Gay.
I'm Living With My Dad.
I'm Never Met My Mom.
I'm Positive Mom Died.
I'm Not Sure.
I'm A Computer Addict.
I'm Always Taking The Piss Out Of Everyone And Everything.
I'm In Love With Alan Carr And Perez Hilton.
I'm Stopping This Now, My Finger's Are Starting To Ache.

So, Since I Don't Really Have A Real Account On Stardoll, I Won't Go On It, So Nutter's Has Agreed To Let Me Do The Real Life Post's. So You Have A Great Time. Good Time's.


You Die -|- <-- That's Ment To Be A Cross! ¬_¬ Shut Up You Umpa-Lumpa.

THANK YOU, To Nutter's Also For Trusting Me With Her Account <3<3


Anonymous said...

I just don't wanna dieeeeeeeeeeeeee :(

Anonymous said...

nick? haha.x
this blog is going to be funni with ah gay personn :) :) :) x hhx

blackpearlsmasheddiomands said...

Thank's for the comment's guy's. please leave you're name so i can send you a gift? otherwise i don't know who you are? :|
Thank you again.
Nick is awsome.