Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My Turn For Style's

Okay. So nutters (kortni) began these real life style things. She uses them from polyvore.
Me is gonna try and use my pathetic paint skills to create like something a little diffrent and clear, i hope.
Im making it as i type. So it might look a bit shit and rushed.
Personally, im not a fashion freak.
Basiclly in any, any, any day i would wear like: jeans. pumps or ugg boots. A T-shirt. and a long cardigan, or a cropt cravat or something cool xD
I like to wear hairbands a lot. I mainly have my hair, in plaits. or curled (with curlers)
What about you? :)
So, here is my chart on what's in fashion, and what you should have in your wardrobe:

I will not be offended with negative comments like: 'Thats rubbish!'
I Know, it's rubbish. Not my fault im bad with space and shape and paint and shit.
But, hey. theres 3 things there. so stuff images.