Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My New Things :]

First of all. I love our new layout. A made my self a new banner because i developed a love for cherryade, so when i saw that i was like "Oooh, why dont i do a banner!?xD"
And, nutters said: (this is copy and pasted from a stardoll message)
Keep it plain and simp's. Not much detail. Somthing Minamil. Umm, Black & Purple. Blue.
So, that's what i kinda sticked to on this new banner.
Our new main banner, nutters said to me also:
I wanna new header. We have not had one for a long time"
So, i suprised her. It's the first time that I have made our main banner.
Nutters said its what she had in mind :D I was pleased that. So, me was too.
I hope you like xD
Umm, oh yeah...and sorry for not doing post in 3 days, that cuz Saturday i was at my uncles 40th birthday party. then sunday, i was just out with mam for the day.
Monday, was school and i had 2 peices of long, hard homework.
Hopefully i wont get as much after some time there, after grading :D