Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I Was In Her Hour Of Need.

Yes. I am Nutters (kortnis) mam. Yeah. It's true.
She was 100% blabbing on about her stardoll "website" so. I got mad.
She went in a mood. And i said "well, i have a stardoll. can i do it? i always wanted to be on a website!!"
She said "ohh yes, who!"
She must of forgotten all about her poor mam.
Yes. so this gives me an excuse to start using my stardoll acounnt agian. This website.
She made my "banner" as she calls it. I dont have a clue!!!

I hope you like my news and stuff that i do on the website :)
I dont know how much i will come on it, because i always on facebook a lot of the time,
but. i dunno. depends how it works alll out.
if kortni finds a new writer she is "sacking" me,,,haha- so immature!!!

Im trying to annoy her in this post!!! she hates me putting lots of exlamation marks!!!
So, sorry!!! not!