Friday, 26 March 2010

Scairly long time-

Hey, it's been a scarily long time since i last posted, basically, cause:

No news
Im a lazy person
Internet was off sometimes

News today-
New LE is coming soon, so make sure you're purse is stocked up!
Hotbuys bazzar cover winner has been chosen!
New goth item's are in the mini shop, (this will be stardoll's new theme)
The Spring 2010 hotbuy's doll has been released!
the studded hot buy's hair band has been released.

So, there's the 5 post's i missed in one (:
There has been 'stellieto' magazine realeased, but, to be honest,
it's, quite, 'dont start making a magazine yet, your graphics aren't quite good enough'..

il give the block i'ts monthly makeover,
and il make a fresh active start for april! :) SPRING TIME!