Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sudden Discovery

I'm not sure if anyone else has already realised this but,
stardoll don't sell code's no more..

This is going to cause trouble with bidding, trading and selling.
DKNY, rare's, hotbuys, antitiode, LE, real MK, etc etc etc.

Usually people buy dkny and all the stuff listed above for like 2 code's, etc.
But, stardoll have stopped selling code's so,

does this mean people are going to have to stop selling there special item's?
are people going to be really desbrate and stupid

If a person wants to buy a dkny, or rare. etc etc.
they will have to buy them selfs like two to even five lot's of superstar.
this will come to like 500 stardollars.

So, this means spending 8 pound in real life PLUS 50o stardollar's on stardoll.

people who are selling the item
will have to give the buyer
their password
the buyer will have to buy the superstar while logged onto the sellers account
then log out
the seller will put the item up for sale
and the buyer buy's it.

but this will not happen, because they will not give out there password.
especially if there superstar.

this will cause greed & trouble in the stardoll buy & trade world!

people will start being NICE ( i doubt this )
and sell DKNY for like 100 stardollars (the highest you can now sell itme's for in starbaazar)

Either be: greedy & stupid, Nice, or do not sell anymore.
3 options.
the first one,
is so harsh and stupid
it's un-real
nobody would do that.