Saturday, 12 September 2009

Updates & Coming Soon

This Is One of Them Very Usefull Posts. It Tell's You What's Coming Soon, What To Expect, Whats New And What's Currently Up And Running. So, Please Continue To Read...

Extreme Prizes Comps
Ok, so i started a new thing in my club (First) And i made it a blog aswell. Its called Extreme Prizes Comps. Basiclly You Join My Club FrEe-NeW And Go to the hot topic Extreme Prizes Comp Round 1. These Comps will be in 3-5 rounds maybe more. And you can win out of the ordinary, extra extreme prizes! Including: Codes, Votes, Money, Gifts, Covergirl, Writer For This blog, writer for a famous blog, Etc.
And Much More Wonderfull prizes!
It's 100% worth doing!
You can find the blog by clicking here
There, you can find the new's on it, where the latest one is, what the prizes are, and who is particapating!
Im hoping for it to be the next BIG thing!

Stardoll Catch Up Mini Comps

Okay, so we have 19 followers. Once i have 35 I Will Start doing comp's here on stardoll catch up. Mini comps, with one round and stuff. Prizes willl be like guest writer, gifts, stardollars etc. Not as good prizes As Extreme prizes comps. (Above ^)

We Have Started Doing Book And Film Reviews On The Blog Too! Im Doing Next:
Twilight book and movie
Samdreamer did first: St.Trinnians (Her Fav Movie I Suppose)

I Started Doing Real Life Stylebooks, for everyones diffrent styles and cliques
(diffrent styles and groups everyweek!)

And of course, all 3 of us do stardoll stylebooks.
We show you diffrent outfits for your medoll, for diffrent events, and cliques.

We have Briefly done medoll makeovers on random members,
We will all do that much more often.