Sunday, 20 September 2009

Stardoll Admin Message

New banner, I made the bra top from the diomand dog collars. Do you like? I neeeded a new one because i changed my medoll since my last banner.
Anyway, if you check out your message inbox everyone i think might or might not of seen this message. Well, if you want any of these stunning (only superstar, and expensive) items, then it's the 20th today. LAST CHANCE TO BUY THESE BEAUTIFUL ITEMS FOR 2010
I have a feeling they will be classed as rares, or something- in the future, they will be like 2007 DKNY. So, buy some. You could make double the money in the future!

Personally, i love both of them. Unfortunetly...i am superstar but i don't have enough cash.
My dad says that "you spend money, before you get it" I think that was it, or it might of been as soon as it comes to me. I dunno, something like that phrase.
The dresses are nicer than the shoes, but i think the shoes are cheaper.
What you waiting for? go get these glamorous 2010 outfits!

i remember my dad's phrase "You spend money faster than you get it"


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